Movin' and Shakin'

A lot has been happening with Kerf and here's a little update:

We have moved our headquarters in Squamish, BC, and we've been getting into our groove. We had a condo renovation with the move, a new puppy, all while trying to move our business and commute into Vancouver for regular scheduled business. It's been challenging, fun, hard work, interesting, exhausting and very rewarding!

Finally, now that we're into 2019, we feel like we're ready to readjust. With a home renovation, you learn a lot about design, technique and style - even when you think you know what you want, things always seemed to be changing. That education mirrors where we are with Kerf. We want to expand our talents, ideas and designs and create products that we enjoy, inspired by our customers.

Kerf is excited to work with YOU, and build really cool things out of breathtaking wood. We will continue to offer our original wood bow tie - it is our staple product that is the reason we exist today. We are focusing on creating new ideas and products, revamping some fan favourites and getting inspired all over again.

If you have a special request, big or small, get in touch for a Kerf custom - we would love to work with you on any type of wood creation!